Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: Alexa’s new small budget ball

Amazon’s fourth-age Reverberation Spot has developed from its archetypes’ puck-like appearance into a little ball, stirring up what a little savvy speaker can resemble.

The new Reverberation Speck is valued equivalent to the final remaining, costing from £50, in spite of the fact that it will be much of the time accessible at a markdown at different retailers, and appears as though the full-sized £80 Reverberation hit with a therapist beam.

It has a texture top and front, hard plastic sides and back, and Amazon’s conventional four-button exhibit for cranking the volume all over, quieting the receivers and an activity button.

It is a charming little ball that doesn’t resemble a speaker or its opposition. Yet, while it takes up similar impression as its puck-formed archetype, it is about double its tallness which makes it marginally less circumspect in your home.

The force link connects the back close to a 3.5mm simple sound attachment for interfacing outer speakers however the Reverberation Dab has Bluetooth as well.

The light ring illuminates at the base making it appear as though the speaker is gleaming when Alexa is dynamic or to show cautions or while changing the volume.


Measurements: 100 x 100 x 89mm

Weight: 338g

Network: wifi 5 (ac), Bluetooth, 3.5mm simple sound

Controls: voice, top-mounted volume, activity and mic quiet

Speakers: single 1.6in speakerThe Speck is bigger and delivers marginally more full and more extensive sound as a result of it, in spite of having a similar measured speaker as the third-age model.

It sounds shockingly useful at its size and cost. The Spot needs genuine bass, however it is generally lovely to tune in to music, the radio and Alexa’s voice with sufficient volume to occupy a little room. Two can be combined for sound system sound and the Speck can be gathered with other Alexa-empowered speakers for multi-room sound.

Alexa locally upholds music web-based features from Spotify, Apple, Deezer or Amazon, or you can stream tunes to it by means of Bluetooth. Radio administrations are taken care of by TuneIn, or utilizing BBC Sounds and other individual station “abilities” you can introduce like applications utilizing the Alexa application on your telephone.

Actually like some other Alexa speaker it will peruse the news features, disclose to you the climate, answer questions, set cautions, clocks and control keen home gadgets, too.The Spot comes in two forms: a standard Reverberation Speck and a Reverberation Dab with Clock for £10 more, which as the name recommends makes some Drove memories show taken cover behind the lattice at the front.

They are practically indistinguishable separated from the showcase, which shows the time, the external temperature when asked, clocks, the volume while changing it and the hour of the caution when setting it. A little white speck close to the time shows when a caution has been set or a clock is dynamic.

Similarly as with its archetype, the clock transforms the Dab into a decent bedside adornment. The splendor of the showcase naturally changes dependent on surrounding light, however you can alter how splendid that change is. On its most faint setting it is marginally more splendid than the active model and delivered sufficient light to make shadows on the divider around evening time. You can kill the showcase on and with the Alexa application or by means of voice.


The speaker is by and large repairable. It contains 100% post-shopper reused texture, 100% reused kick the bucket cast aluminum and half post-customer reused plastic. Amazon has likewise swore to balance the power utilized by Reverberation gadgets with sustainable power. Amazon additionally offers exchange and reusing schemes.Price

The fourth-age Amazon Reverberation Speck costs £49.99 or £59.99 with the Drove clock.

For correlation, the third-gen Reverberation Speck has been diminished to £39.99, the standard Reverberation costs £79.99, Google’s Home Smaller than usual expenses £49 and Apple’s HomePod scaled down costs £99.

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